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I graduated from film school, California State University Northridge, back in May 2020! Since then, I have been involved in a few indie films. I am Assistant Director, Producer, Writer, and Production Assistant.

You can check out my short film that I wrote and directed here.
I also work in front of the camera! This is one of the reasons I know exactly how to direct you when you are unsure of how to pose. I model for both fashion and cosmetics! Check out my instagram to see my latests modeling projects! Click here to see more of my modeling work!
My very first time on set was as a script supervisor. I intently studied the actors and their movements and reactions. Since then, working in front of the camera intrigued me. It was a constant curiosity, so during my final semester at my university, I decided to also pursue acting! I love drama films alone so when I saw actors perform, I realized that it's a form of emotional release. I love storytelling behind the camera, and doing so in a different pair of shoes becomes therapeutic. Click here to see my Backstage!

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Check out my latest commercial here!
Some things that I enjoy doing are painting, baking, and working out! I am best known for my mean banana bread. I used to sell it during college to pay off my college expenses. Click here to stay updated with my baking on social media!
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